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CEO / co-founder
Seoul, Repulic of Korea

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I am co-founder and CEO of, developing AI-based automated content moderation solutions. I received Ph.D. from School of Computing at KAIST, advised by Alice Oh. My research was supported by Google PhD Fellowship program. Before that, I obtained BA and MA in Department of Psychology in Seoul National University.


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My research aims to (1) develop machine learning models which can understand complicated psychological characteristics of people from text and (2) apply them to computational psychotherapy applications, in order to lead people live in better mental state. I focus on natural language since is a good indicator of latent psychological states of humans, and this is basically because our daily usage of language encodes important personality characteristics even in a single word, and further it could represent psychological states during conversation.

However, the relationship between language and mental state would be highly complex and difficult to be inferred precisely, thus learning the regularities through carefully designed machine learning models over fine-grained data are natural to be preferred than applying rule-based techniques. Furthermore, once a model can learn the relationship between them, then various psychotherapy programs would be applicable based on the detected mental state, leads to positive psychological changes. Thus my research agenda has developed to three step-by-step subproblems: (a) Learning Representation of Text, (b) Measuring Psychological Characteristics from Text, and (c) Developing Psychotherapy Applications.

Each of the problems is closely related to each other that one could evoke another question: What characteristic should be measured to develop an effective psychotherapy applications? or, what representation learning method should be needed to measure the extent of mental disorders from text? Throughout conducting research to answer these problems, I would like to bridge the gap between two fields: natural language processing and computational psychotherapy.


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Sungjoon Park
sungjoon.park (at)
CEO / co-founder
Seoul, Republic of Korea

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